impresario: gestural theatergame

vergrößernStartscreen, main menu with flickets and onscreen help

"Impresario" is the visual output of my Bachelor thesis "Theater as a Casual Game". It was written and designed by Peer Dräger and me within three months at the department of media design at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in 2010.

vergrößernPerson playing 'impresario' with body language only

The expression of your very own voice, gestures and mimics. Vocal tone, body movement and posture: acting on stage is a distinct and personal activity, nevertheless, it‘s highly social.

vergrößernIngame Szene, fight-szene from 'Romeo and Juliett'

Trying to merge these features into a game concept, we were heading for fresh, intense and emotional gameplay.

vergrößernImpresario landscape

„Impresario“ is a gesture and voice controlled theater game concept. It is designed as an online multi player game for the upcoming xbox360 with kinect extension.

vergrößernDwarfs from Snowwhite

This extension offers highly detailed full body motion capture of up to four players in front of the screen. The gained information is used to interact with the corresponding game. close

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breyn: multitouch brainstorming


The application largely bases on a modular construction-kit-system to create individual brainstorming sessions for up to four participants without the slightest effort.

vergrößernbreyn interface, top view

The session-leader is able to arragne and chose from several creative-techniques via drag‘n‘drop. The table embodies the role as head of brainstorming, it manages speech- and silence phases, but also controls the duration of individual steps to create fantastic ideas, explains the basic rules to newcomers and keeps this rules though audio- and motionsensors untouched.

vergrößernpackshots of core application and extensions

“breyn” is the outcome of a five member students-team at the University of Cooperative Education in Ravensburg in the third theoretical term. It was developed within 10 weeks by Peer Dräger, Mathias Müller, Christian Preisler, Sebastian Simon and me. close

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media.creation by web development

vergrößernserver products shown on laptop

Weesly is a small business, providing hosting solutions to fulfill any demands. The nominated target audience is represented by young (14 to 28) males.

vergrößernillustration closeup

Therefore, the overall visual design is dominated by racing style carbon fibre and metallook. Big, colorful illustrations differentiate the quality of the offered products.

vergrößernerrorpage closeup

Error pages are strongly branded. Weesly got a lot of mistyped URLs in the past, so it was a logical step to lend lost visitors a hand. close

media.creation by concept: print design

vergrößernintro spread

Various print works between 2007 and 2010 for concept Germany e.K, reseller of professional haircare products. Strongly based on emotional fashion photography, these double spreads inform the reader about educational courses for hairdressers.

vergrößernvarious flyer for educational courses



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